Welcome to RHDC International. We are the premier Consular document legalization and export Letter of Credit service company in the United States, serving Freight Forwarders and Exporters for over forty years. We have offices in major export cities, and we are able to legalize/chamberize your documents with the foreign Consulates, irrespective of cargo origin, saving you time and money.
RHDC offers a proven system combining a sophisticated tracking network with experienced professionals, many who have been with RHDC for decades, and are focused on providing our customers with the most professional and efficient services possible.

We provide the following services:
  • A full Letter of Credit document preparation service with web based tracking via our partner bank.
  • Consular Legalization, Secretary of State and U.S. State Department Authentications and same day Chamber of Commerce certifications
  • Translations from/to any language
  • Hand carrying of documents or small packages anywhere in the world. Our multinational On Board Courier network allows us to gain access on short notice to most countries and deliver time sensitive packages immediately.
  • Full Carnet services for temporary export shipments
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Reasons to use RHDC!!!

  • RHDC provides the most efficient processing times in the industry. That is why we are Red Hot!
  • We accept documents by email (legal@rhdc.com ) for legalization requests to speed processing for time sensitive shipments. Letter of Credit service requests and documents can be sent to lc@rhdc.com. 
  • Our team of professionals are available at 713-863-8080 to answer any questions about all of our services.
  • We offer free pickup and delivery of documents in cities where we have an office.
  • We provide extended hours 8:00AM-6:00PM CST, Monday-Friday
  • Our web site at www.RHDC.com provides information for all services and a chat feature available during normal business hours.
  • Please remember to complete and submit one RHDC Service Agreement (Cover Letter) per set of documents. This document can be found in the download section of our website.