RHDC has been providing freight forwarders and exporters Letter of Credit document preparation services for over three decades. Since then we have grown to become the largest in the country and our customer base includes the offices of most major freight forwarders and exporters across the USA.

Our standard service provides the following:
  • Prepare all required documents. For Ocean shipments, we will work with the Carrier or Forwarder to obtain the Ocean B/L’s.
  • Review the L/C for terms and conditions, advising if changes are necessary.
  • Arrange for legalization, if required, or inspection certificates.
  • Coordinate with your staff for the transport document. Make any necessary adjustments with proper authorization.
  • Bank documents using our In-house bank or the shipper’s bank.
  • Provide status information (when paid, etc.) on In-house banking or Tracing Service documents.
  • Furnish free delivery of documents in cities where RHDC has an office or courier arrangement. Items sent to cities outside of our network will incur a nominal courier fee.
  • Provide one copy of the file for your records.
  • We also provide services for your Cash Against Documents/Documentary Collection transactions.
    Contact us for more information at lc@rhdc.com.

Contact us at (713) 863-8080 or toll-free at 1-800-468-3627